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Joma Environmental

Joma Environmental is a local company providing professional Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal services for clients across Vancouver Island, as well as the Gulf Islands, of British Columbia. Our goal is to maintain a corporate balance in social awareness, environmental initiatives, and sustainable business practices.


Hazardous Waste Disposal

JOMA Env provides trained technicians to identify (characterize) and package chemical waste for Transport Canada guidelines. We utilize a network of local, supporting businesses to provide a complete transport-to-recycling/disposal services. We also realize the need for clients to have an analysis-to-redesign of their current waste management system to help improve safety,metrics tracking, and to minimize future waste generation.

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Soil Drum Removal

When a property undergoes an environmental assessment, subterranean drilling is required for both soil sampling and installation of monitoring wells for groundwater sampling. An Auger rig is brought in to drill bore-holes for obtaining soil samples at various depths, and for installing the monitoring-well casings. The soil removed from the bore-hole may contain trace contaminants from historical use of the site, and is contained in 200L drums to avoid leaching to the environment.

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Waste Oil & Antifreeze Recycling

Registered BCUOMA collection facility for used motor oil, antifreeze, oil filters, and oily plastics drop-off at our Saanichton location. Please contact prior to ensure a representative is available to meet you.

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Hazardous Building Materials Assessment

A Hazardous Materials Assessment (HMA) can also be referred to as a Haz Mat Survey/Inventory. The assessment determines the presence of various hazardous materials used in the building structure (asbestos, lead paint, PCBs, etc) and quantifies the results of such materials.

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Regulatory Compliance

Trouble with wash-water effluent or rain-water run-off from your facility? Chemicals and waste taking up space around the yard? We provide a full assessment of your processes and waste generation, collection, storage, treatment/disposal, as well as obtaining regulatory compliance for any liquid and solid wastes leaving your site. Call today with any questions or to request a site visit!

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Roll-off Bin

20 & 30 yrd roll-off bin service. We provide equipment transport, as well as soil, hazardous materials, and construction demo debris disposal.

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